Yeshivot & Midrashot

Yeshivot and Midrashot hold a significant place in the Jewish community, providing crucial education and fostering spiritual growth among students. To sustain their operations and create an enriching learning environment, these institutions often rely on community support.

Fundnation offers a comprehensive solution for Yeshivot and Midrashot, providing a user-friendly and cost-effective platform that simplifies the fundraising process and enhances donor engagement. Our globally designed platform and multi-currency features allow institutions to raise funds from donors locally and abroad.

Benefits of Using Fundnation

Amplify Fundraising Efforts

The simplified fundraising platform provides you with more time to focus on mobilizing your community to contribute to your initiatives.

Financial Stability

Fundnation guarantees you receive your money 24-48 hours after the event ends so you can immediately start making a difference in people’s lives.

Simplified Fund Management

Streamlining donation collection and the ability to track contributions and gain valuable insights into donor engagement provides a simple and easy start to finish experience.

Learning programmes

Scholarship funding

Books, materials and resources

Facility upgrades

Staffing and volunteering

Creating future Jewish leaders

Why Yeshivot and Midrashot Should Use Fundnation

Easy Setup and Management

Fundnation offers a seamless campaign setup process, guiding institutions through every step to ensure a successful fundraising initiative.

Cost-Effective Solution:

With Fundnation’s flat fee structure, organizations can maximize their fundraising efforts without worrying about fees eating into their donations.

Multi Currency Support

We understand Yeshivot and Midrashot have a global reach. With Fundnation, you can accept payments from anywhere in the world, in any currency.

Enhanced Donor Engagement

Customizable donation pages, integrated email marketing, and lead management tools empower Yeshivot and Midrashot to reach a broader audience and maximize donor participation.

Reporting and Analytics

The platform offers detailed reports and analytics, enabling organizations to gain valuable insights into campaign performance, donor behavior, and trends.

Streamlined Call-a-thon

Running a call-a-thon or phone-a-thon or telethon is the perfect way to engage with Alunmi, and with Fundnation, the entire process is streamlined and paper and Excel-free.

How We Help Yeshivot & Midrashot

Customizable Donation Pages

Create branded and compelling donation pages that resonate with your students, parents, family and beyond that will inspire them to contribute.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Empower your students members to become advocates for your cause, encouraging their friends and family to donate and support your Yeshiva or Midrasha.

Team Pages

Give each student a specific team page to create a sense of competition, expand your reach and encourage even more donations.

Donor Engagement and Appreciation

Foster meaningful connections with donors through personalized communication, gratitude campaigns, and impact updates.

Personal Support

The Fundnation team of platform administrators, marketing strategists and expert fundraisers are here to help throughout the entire donation and fundraising process.

By utilizing Fundnation’s powerful features and tailored solutions, Yeshivot and Midrashot can strengthen their community funding efforts, sustain their educational missions, and continue making a profound impact on the lives of students and the broader Jewish community.