Matched Campaigns

Matched campaigns are a powerful fundraising strategy that encourages donors to give more as it shows how their donation is worth even more.

Fundnation’s Matched Campaign feature will automatically match (double, triple or quadruple) donations and inspire donors to give more.

Fundnation simplifies the process of running matched campaigns. Our platform automatically manages the entire matching process allowing you to focus on communicating the impact of matched donations to your supporters; motivating them to contribute and see the matched the value of their donation.

By harnessing the power of matched campaigns, you can attract new donors, engage existing supporters, and amplify the impact of every dollar raised. Fundnation’s Matched Campaign feature empowers organizations to create a sense of urgency, inspire generosity, and achieve their fundraising goals with greater success.

Double, triple or quadruple donors impact

Automated donation matching

Fully branded landing pages

0% processing fees

Creative and marketing support

Strategic guidance

Dedicated campaign manager

6 minute average response time

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