Dedicated Donation Pages NEW

Ongoing donations are a key component of successful fundraising campaigns. Providing donors with a dedicated place to make one-time and setup recurring donations.

With Fundnation’s dedicated donation pages, organizations have a simple and branded space where supporters can contribute with ease.

Fully branded with your

One time and recurring donations support

Integration into Sencilla One or your CRM

Christmas, Easter and other religious days

Linked to your website and email marketing

Automated receipts and thank you emails

Multiple secure payment gateways support

Multi-currency support

Fundnation’s dedicated donation pages are designed to optimize the donor experience, providing a user-friendly interface and secure payment processing. Donors can choose their preferred payment method and make their contributions with confidence.

By utilizing dedicated donation pages on Fundnation, you can streamline the donation process, increase donor trust, and enhance the overall fundraising experience.

Click here to create your dedicated donation page today and learn more about Sencilla One here