Call-a-thon campaigns are a powerful fundraising strategy that allows organizations to personally connect with donors to gain support in a specific cause.

The Fundnation platform has a fully integrated call-a-thon management system to increase assist volunteers, callers and administrators with the entire process.

Get rid of all paper and printed lists, and remove all Excel workbooks and shared Google Sheets. We use advanced technology to run efficient call-a-thon, telephon or phoneathon campaigns.

We act as one centralized system for calling, texting, emails and Whatsapps; allowing you to speak to donors faster and more efficiently.

Allow callers and volunteers to send pre-configured WhatsApp messages, text messages, and emails direct to a donor.

There is no need for any additional software, no need to have a dedicated admin person and no need to expose your internal CRM data.

Find an eligable donor to contact

Add notes and update statuses

Send pre-worded emails and text messages

WhatsApp donors without saving contacts

Allocate leads to specific groups

Allow callers to create new leads

Training takes 3-4 minutes on average

Full support with 6 min response time

With Fundnation, you can stay fully GDPR/POPI compliant, paper-free, but most importantly – you can be sure that your donors will not be called multiple times.

Running a call-a-thon, telethon, phone-a-thon, outbound  call campaign? Whatever you want to call it.. click here to schedule a call with a Fundnation expert.