Annual Fundraisers

Annual Fundraisers are a cornerstone of successful nonprofit organizations, providing a consistent and reliable source of funding year after year.

Fundnation offers a solution to streamline, simplify and enhance your Annual Fundraisers, making it easier than ever to plan, execute, and maximize the impact of your fundraising campaigns. And of course, to decrease the amount of unnecessary administration work so many of us are used to.

Say goodbye to unnecessary administrative tasks and welcome a streamlined donation process.

Organizations receive a fully branded campaign landing page tailored to your specific look-and-feel and marketing messaging. Our platform becomes the central point for the duration of your campaign and allows donors and matchers to be showcased to the public. Our campaign pages tell a story, engage with donors and inspire them to contribute.

Set campaign goals and time limits, track and show progress in real-time, and leverage our advanced backend to gain insights into donor behavior and campaign performance.

Customized donations landing page

Own brand and look-and-feel

Countdown timer

Wall of donors

Automated matching

Direct pay outs with 0% fees

Advanced creative team

Dedicated campaign support

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with your annual fundraising campaigns. Click here to contact us or schedule a meeting with a Fundnation Expert.

With Fundnation’s user-friendly interface and robust functionality, you can make your Annual Fundraiser a resounding success, raising more funds and creating a lasting impact for your organization’s mission.