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What is Fundnation?

The simple, organization-first platform for successful fundraising.

Fundnation has created revolutionary software to simplify and transform the way organizations fundraise. We provide a comprehensive set of tools and features that empower nonprofits, schools, religious institutions, and corporate entities to raise funds, engage donors, and create a lasting impact.

With Fundnation, you can streamline your fundraising efforts, manage campaigns, track donations, and leverage various communication channels to connect with your supporters. Whether you’re organizing an annual fundraiser, running a giving day, or seeking to maximize donor engagement,

Fundnation offers a user-friendly and all-in-one solution to transform your fundraising endeavors.

Fundnation is a digital donations platform built specifically to help Organisations run campaigns.

We developed our platform to specifically solve those very frustrating pain points that every organization faces while running a campaign.

Our logic is simple, organisations need to be focused on raising money, reaching out to potential donors, making phone calls and speaking to individuals; they should not be worried about any administration.

Our Platform

Fully customized, fully branded and full of features

The Fundnation platform is a complete campaign management tool designed to help you in every aspect. From collecting and managing funds to keeping track of outbound calls – Fundnation has everything integrated.

Our Creative Team is made up of fundraising experts, strategists, marketing professionals, graphic designers and videographers; who together, work to produce something specical.

The History

Fundnation was born when founder, Milan, was actively involved in a nonprofit himself.

During his experience, Milan encountered the complexities and high costs associated with existing fundraising platforms. Frustrated by the lack of suitable solutions, Fundnation was born. 

Zetigon developed fundnation with three core principles of affordability, user-friendliness, and a focus on eliminating administrative burdens.

Today, Fundnation has a purpose and dedication to help organizations worldwide raise funds, engage donors, and make a significant impact in their communities.