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Our focus is technology, so your focus can be fundraising.

Fundnation is a new and innovative crowdfunding platform. Fundnation is built on the belief that every cent counts to our fundraisers.

With this in mind, we have shaken up the traditional crowdfunding model. Instead of charging a percentage of all donations made through our platform (as is a common practice by the majority of crowdfunding platforms), we charge a flat fee. This is in line with our mission of making sure that you receive all your hard-earned and well-deserved money! Putting the power in your hands to make a difference!

All campaigns have a customised donation page. Multiple payment gateways and currencies are supported

Funds are transferred directly to you. We do not hold any fees, we don’t do any split payments and we don’t charge a percentage

We put digital first with our interactive and customisable online portal with a build in campaign CRM

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